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SFBC - French Society of Clinical Biology

Logo SFBC SFBC is the corresponding french society with its own organisation. It is the most important platform in France and french-speaking countries for scientific and organisational aspects of clinical chemistry and laboratory medecine, mainly based on its working groups, in relation with governmental, administrative or scientific authorities (ANSM, HAS, COFRAC, INSERM,...) and industry (SFRL).
SFBC represents IFCC and EFCC in France.

EFCC - European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Logo EFCC EFCC connects National Societies of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and creates a platform for all specialists working in the field in Europe. EFCC provides European leadership in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine to national professional societies, to the diagnostic industry and to governmental and non-governmental organisations in order to serve the public interest in health care. EFCC represents IFCC in Europe.

FIFBCML - International French-speaking Federation of Clinical Biology and Laboratory Medicine

Logo FIFBCML The FIFBCML was founded in 2007 in Tunisia by 5 French-speaking countries: the Algerian Association of medical laboratories (AALAM), the French Society of Clinical Chemistry (SFBC), the Lebanese Biologists Union (SBL), the Moroccon Society of Clinical Chemistry (SMCC) and the Tunisian Society of Clinical Chemistry (STBC).

IFCC - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Logo IFCC Through leadership and innovation in science and education, IFCC strives to enhance the scientific level and the quality of diagnosis and therapy for patients throughout the world. IFCC builds on the professionalism of its members to provide quality services to patients. IFCC communicates effectively with its members, other healthcare providers and the public to ensure knowledge of its excellent scientific and educational achievements. IFCC always focuses on scientific standards, publications, education and communications, and communicates effectively through a variety of electronic media. IFCC holds outstanding congresses and conferences to bring the efforts of IFCC to the global community.

SFH - French Society of Haematology

The French Society of Haematology aims to promote the development of haematology, research and exchanges in haematology and link people and groups interested in haematology.

SFI - French Society of Immunology

The French Society of Immunology gathers scientists involved in researches in immunology.
The SFI counts over 1 000 members, belonging to the INSERM, the CNRS, INRA or other research organisations: universities, hospital or private labs.
Its goal is to support, promote and realize any action helping the development of this field. It has a educational vocation.

the French Society of Immunology organize annual scientific meetings, and sponsors other meetings too.
She proposes Technology workshop and a Immunology lesson.

SFM - French Society of Microbiology

LogoS FM The French Society of Microbiology (SFM) is a non profit organisation, founded in 1937 in a profound Pasteurian tradition. It has been recognised of public utility in France since 1996.
The SFM aims at gathering all microbiologists from France and French speaking countries, working in the fields of medical microbiology, industrial and environmental microbiology, physiology, genetics, taxonomy, hygiene, antimicrobe agents ...all regarding bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


INSERM - Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale

Founded in 1964, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) is a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and French Ministry of Research.

As the only French public research institute to focus entirely on human health, in 2008 Inserm took on the responsibility for the strategic, scientific and operational coordination of biomedical research. This key role as coordinator comes naturally to Inserm thanks to the scientific quality of its teams and its ability to conduct translational research, from the laboratory to the patient’s bed.

AAEIP - Association of Pasteur Institute alumni

LOgo AAEIP AAEIP activities:
Scientific and cultural activiities
  • Results of researches done by teh Pasteur Institute
  • Organization of the Regional Scientific Days
  • Publication of scientific and history articles
  • Internships
    Contacts activities: trimestrial newsletter
    Helping activities:
  • Scholarships and honnour loans
  • Job offers
  • AETEL - Asociación Española de Técnicos de Laboratorio

    AETEL is the first and most important association of Spanish Laboratory Technicians. It is a non-profit association and was founded in 1978. According the statutes, its goals are to promote the formation and professional defence of the Laboratory Technicians in educational and labour aspects, continued and scientific formation. AETEL organizes continued education activities and a annual congress.

    AFIB - French Association of Biomedical Engineers

    Logo AFIB L’AFIB (French Association of Clinical Engineer) regroups about 400 engineers working in hospital or clinic. Their role is to manage medical equipment, from planning to scrapping including :
  • advise to the hospital chief executive among new medical process
  • purchase of medical equipment
  • management of maintenance, replacement and scrapping.
    The clinical engineers with their technicians team work in several domains like medical imaging, intensive care and anaesthesia, operating rooms, functional explorations and clinical laboratory.
    One trend in the recent years is the specialization of some clinical engineers on the domain of clinical laboratory. These engineers have to help hospital executives in some ways like:
  • which resources are necessary to achieve the medical performance ?
  • which equipment is the most appropriate in term of performance, use, cost.
    Concerning laboratories, the work of the clinical engineer for choice and maintenance of equipments is essential in the way of the new French accreditation.
  • Alsace BioValley

    French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, Alsace Biovalley gathers in Alsace all the actors (companies, laboratories, hospitals, universities) in Life-Health Sciences.
    Its goal? To assist their growth to speed therapeutic innovation and create jobs.

    AFTLM (ex ANTAB)- French Association for Medical Laboratory Technicians

    ANTAB has been created in 2002,coming from CERTLAP (association created in 1988 and focused on biomedical technicians working exclusively at AP-HP).
    AFTLM (ex ANTAB) is the only national association for french technicians in Biomedical Analysis
    Apolitical and asyndicale association aims to:
    - Represent the interest of their members in front of the administration and the authorities
    - Promote, conceive, realize and execute training actions and social promotion
    Technician in Biomedical Analysis (TBA) in France works, under the ph.D biologist responsibility. He realizes all biological examinations which contribute to the diagnosis, the treatment or the prevention of the human diseases or which reveals any other modification of the physiological state.

    CBE - European Biologists Confederation

    Logo CBE The European Confederation of Biopathologists (CEB)

    Founded in 1987 by Doctor Charles Mazzoni
    The objective is to bring together all the Biopathologists, directors of medical laboratories working in the private sector in The European union as well as in the other European States.
    The aim is to examine and study the requirements to practice Medical biology in Europe and to strengthen cooperation and friendship between private professionals.
    To be a delegate of the profession, especially to the CEPLIS as a liaison comity.
    Bring together individuals as well as professional organizations.

    EC4 Register

    Logo EC4 The EC4 Register for European Biologists, is a foundation related to the EFCC. Representatives from 27 countries from the E.U. are elected by their national scientific societies. Biologists who have reached the required level, (2005/36/EC directive) can request their membership.

    The « Syllabus » (Zerah S et al. EC4 European Syllabus for Post-Graduate training in CCLM:version 3-2005. CCLM 2006:44; 110-120) defines the level and the educational content.

    FNSIP - Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Internes en Pharmacie

    The National Federation of pharmacy residents trade unions or associations FNSIP (Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Internes en Pharmacie) has been created in 1983. It is a national federation representing the interests of pharmacy residents. 24 cities welcome pharmacy residents for a total of more than 1800 students in France, and all of them are represented by the FNSIP.

    Pharmacy residents can choose between four main fields of activity : laboratory medicine (Biologie médicale BM), hospital pharmacy (Pharmacie Hospitalière – Pratique et Recherche PH-PR), pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacie industrielle et biomédicale PIBM), and pharmaceutical innovation and research (Innovation pharmaceutique et recherche IPR).

    The FNSIP two main objectives: to insure the interests of pharmacy residents, protecting in this way the profession, and to guarantee a high quality public health service for the future. To reach these objectives, it has regular contacts with the two ministries in charge of pharmacy residents : the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
    Furthermore, it has several representations :
    - In the National laboratory medicine commission (Commission Nationale de Biologie Médicale CNBM)
    - In the National Permanent laboratory medicine commission (Commission Nationale Permanente de Biologie Médicale CNPBM)
    - In the National Health studies pedagogic commission (Commission Pédagogique Nationale des Etudes de Santé CPNES)
    - In the Superior teaching and research coucil (Conseil National de l’Enseignement Supérieur Et de la Recherche CNESER)
    - In the Superior Hospital Council (Conseil supérieur des hôpitaux CSH)
    - In the Administration council of the General Student associations Federation (Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes).

    Everyone can follow the FNSIP through different ways :
    - It website http://www.fnsip.fr
    - It mensual newsletter “L’observance” and its occasional “Observance Hors-Série”
    - Tweeter and Facebook

    FNSPBAH - Fédération Nationale des Syndicats de Pharmaciens et Biologistes Assistants des Hôpitaux

    The FNSPBAH represents and protects the status of pharmacists, medical biologists, assistant specialist of hospital, hospital university assistants and contractual practitionners (ministeries, University Hospital, ...) and seniors syndicates.

    FNSPBHU - Fédération Nationale des Syndicats de Praticiens Biologistes Hospitalier et Hospitalo-Universitaires

    Our Federation aims to:
    • the study and defense of the moral and material interests of practitioners in positions of medical Biologist - MB - in public hospitals, private hospitals participating in the public hospital service and the Centers for the Fight Against Cancer.
    • Awareness of the value of medical Biologists
    Only able to ensure consistency and interpretation of medical biology exam results via the pre-phase synthesis, per and post analytical. Ensuring the quality of the final result and its integration into the overall balance sheet and the clinical context of a patient, communicating appropriately (incl. time) and discussed. MB allows optimal interpretation of the result and therefore appropriate management of the patient by the clinician.

    SIMeL - Societa Italiana Medicina di Laboratorio

    Logo SIMeL SIMeL is a medical/scientific Association of Clinical laboratory professional. Founded in 1986, SIMeL’s mission is to represent a multidisciplinary “Forum” of ideas and experiences for the progressing of laboratory sciences and their practical application. SIMeL is the Italian Society for the laboratory sciences progressing and their practical clinical application. Diagnostics with clinical pathology and patient care is the fundamental of this multi-disciplinary Society. SIMeL is a component of the World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM).

    SJBM Syndicat des Jeunes Biologistes Médicaux

    The Union of Young Medical Biologists (SJBM) brings together internal and young biologists pharmacists and doctors in a single structure that is intended to protect the interests of all young professionals:
    - representation in corporate and professional organisations,
    - representation in European institutions,
    - information and advocacy for young biologists (employment contract, association, training)
    - creation of quality documentation in line with the requirement of Continuing Professional Development,
    - improving the quality of life and offer a network of partners to simplify the milestones of our lives (replacement, installation, pregnancy, home purchase, redemption of units).

    SNBH - Syndicat National des Biologistes des Hopitaux

    SNBH is the first trade union to represent the biologists in a hospital, MD and pharmacists, regardless of their status: assistant practitioner, attached or contractual practitioners, hospital doctor or practitioner university hospital.
    Our goal is to defend our job of biologist with our unique hospitality, among others, the permanence and continuity of care.
    We are present in all the committees that affect our business: CNG, Ministry of Health, Federation of Medical Specialties governing the DPC, BioQualité through accreditation, ...
    We operate a national network and the presence of "regional representatives" who are the nearest biologists to the hospital locoregional and that make the link between biologists and SNBH team, but also between all biologists.
    In connection with the three National Colleges: College of Biochemistry, College of Hematology and Bacteriology-Virology college and Hygiene, grouped in the Association of National Conferences Biologists Hospital (ACNBH), we realize an annual Congress, place of medical training and exchanges between biologists. The next one will take place in Strasbourg the first week of October 2013.
    Our website: www.snbh.asso.fr, contains a wealth of information: texts and circulars published in OJ, classifieds, list of regional delegates, and  the previous Conferences ...

    SNBH chairman : Françoise COTTY fcotty@chicacr.fr

    SNMBCHU - Syndicat National des Médecins Biologistes des CHU -

    The SNMBCHU is the only nationally representative union of university and hospital biologists. The composition of the Board reflects the diversity of biology with biochemists, hematologists, one microbiologist and one physiologist. Our claims involve medical management (pension, management by CNG "centre national de gestion des médecins et directeurs d'hôpitaux"), the regulatory aspects of the biology hospital (Ballereau's ordonnance, accreditation) and the teaching of biology in various university courses (PACES, DES and DESC biology, LMD). Improving our working conditions (now threatened by economic imperatives), should allow us to properly fulfill our hospital, education and research missions. Through confederations, we are in good agreement with clinicians (SNHU, SNPHU) and pharmacists (FNSPBHU). In the last twenty years we have participated in most regulatory texts about medical biology and today we are waiting for a law for biology, definitively approved by the Senate. In the coming years many decrees will be crucial for biology and we encourage you to get involved with us to defend biology.

    Twitter : @SNMBCHU


    Annales de Biologie Clinique - John Libbey

    Logo John Libbey

    Annales de Biologie Clinique is the official journal of the French Society of Clinical Biology (SFBC). Publishing scientific articles (as synthesis, editorials) and articles for common practice, this journal provides information on progress in knowledge, techniques and new materials. Besides professional news of the SFBC, the journal is an essential scientific support in the continuous professional training. It aimed at hospital and private biologists, researchers in biochemistry, bacteriology, haematology and virology, pharmaceutical industries, teachers and students.

    Annales de Toxicologie Analytique - EDP Santé

    Logo Annales de Toxicologie Analytique Annales de Toxicologie Analytique is the first journal in French dedicated to analytical toxicology: clinical, legal, environment, doping, addiction, quality.

    Bioanalysis Zone - Future MEdicine

    logo Bioanalysis Zone Bioanalysis Zone is a new interactive online resource for the bioanalytical community. Users of Bioanalysis Zone will be able to view featured articles, interviews, industry news, productlistings & reviews, webinars, white papers, job listings and much more. The site features selected content from the fortnightly, peer-reviewed journal Bioanalysis together with specially commissioned content and interviews, plus key articles from related journals. Site content and functionality is entirely free to all site registrants.


    Biofutur - Lavoisier

    Logo Biofutur Created in 1982, Biofutur is the first media in the field of life sciences. Supported by a rigorous editorial work and a renowned scientific reputation, Biofutur offers monthly analysis of technological developments, changes, new trends and products, and industry partnerships, and explores their impact on the market.
    Biofutur - 14 rue de Provigny - 94236 Cachan cedex - France - Tél : 01 47 40 67 00 - Fax : 01 47 40 67 02 - www.biofutur.com
    Contact : Jean-Marc Bocabeille, bocabeille@lavoisier.fr

    Biologie Aujourd'hui - EDP Santé

    Logo EDP Science

    Biologie Aujourd'hui publishes high level papers in English and French, concerning present-day issues in biology. Written by specialists, the articles which are grouped by theme, examine in depth the subject in question. You will also find the latest research and the corresponding bibliography. Biologie Aujourd'hui addresses practising doctors and biologists wishing to keep up with the latest developments in biology. It is also a precious tool for students.

    Biologie Médicale – Syndicat des biologistes

    Quarterly, the magazine of the Union of Biologists (SDB), the first liberal biologists union, attempts to analyze and interpret the news of medical biology taking into account the values defended by the union. It also highlights best practices in reinforcing the medical proximity role of the biologist for the service to patients.
    Biologie Médicale – 11, rue de Fleurus - 75006 Paris - Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 63 85 00 - info@sdbio.fr

    Biologiste Infos - EDP Santé

    Logo Biologiste Infos

    Biologiste Infos intends to report and enhance all demonstrations of dynamism of the laboratories and of their suppliers. Aiming to be the biology sector showcase, the review presents the actors and their skills, while covering the technical and legal topics of medical biology in Europe.

    BioResearch - Globetech Media

    Serving over 24,000 subscribers worldwide, BioResearch is a premier global news magazine reaching Life Science and Bio-Tech researchers and key distribution channels in over 180 countries throughout Europe, Middle East/Africa, Asia/ Pacific and Latin America.

    BiotechActors - Lavoisier

    Logo Biotechactors The Internet is offering new communications tools while at the same time, research methods are being developed by our new provider. Biotech Actors and the magazine Biofutur help you confront these with the creation of the virtual biotechnology salon.
    BIOTECH Actors is a platform that directly links buyers with manufacturers of scientific products.
    Contact : José Fernandez, j.fernandez@infomediapublishing.fr


    At the crossroads of science, finance, and industry, BiotechInfo is a weekly newsletter dedicated to biotechnology, not only covering healthcare, but also environment, biomass, diagnostic, vaccines...You will find company news, start-ups or bigger groups, of pharma, food industry and agriculture.


    Biotech International (BTI) - Pan Global

    Logo BTi The only European based publication serving the fields of bioscience and bioindustry. Providing an editorial mix of technology, research, product and industry news, BTi targets the entrepreneurial life science, bioprocessing and academic research sectors in Europe, Asia/Pacific and Canada. Its circulation is 100% qualified by name, job title, work area, type of institution and country.
    Biotech online offers a searchable product database along with review articles by experts in the field and updated life science and industry news to assist biotech professionals.

    our website : www.biotech-online.com

    Biotribune - Springer Verlag

    LOgo Biotribune Biotribune Magazine is a scientific and professional journal intended for the various professions and competences which are today necessary to the exercise of clinical biology, the biomedical sector at the borders of engineering, health and life sciences.

    Multidisciplinary having become a need, Biotribune Magazine proposes to be a place of exchanges between the various professional components. The content is presented in the form of thematic issues comprising not only original articles and review articles but also of the technological information articles or of the interviews of decision makers in the sector.

    Clinical Laboratory International (CLI) - Pan Global

    Logo CLI Clinical Laboratory International (CLI) reviews the latest diagnostic technology and products used in clinical labs and outlines the role of the most recent tests in disease diagnosis.
    Targeting senior clinical biologists, hospital laboratory management and blood banking specialists in Europe, Middle East, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, CLI offers fully qualified, BPA-audited circulation.
    CLI-online.com offers a searchable product database along with review articles by experts in the field, and updated industry news to assist clinical laboratory professionals.
    Our website: www.cli-online.com


    DH Magazine

    DH Magazine goes first and foremost for the managers of public hospitals : directors, doctors, chemists, biologists, paramedics, administration clerks and logistics, engineers... DH Magazine’s constant concern for promoting practical experiences dissociates itself from the other media dedicated to hospital. Whatever opinion or leading articles, technical or medical focus, new technologies or legal issues, all of them are covered by professionals. In addition, every issue focuses on a hospital complex and/or reports on a local hospital or a old people’s home. Dynamic, without self-censorship nor restraint, DH Magazine is considered as the most lively review by many professionals of this field. DH Magazine is a bimonthly with a circulation of 4,000 copies.


    DSIH est le magazine de référence des systèmes d’information de santé et surtout une tribune ouverte aux acteurs nationaux, régionaux, aux DSIO, DSI, RSSI, et éditeurs soucieux de faire mûrir en permanence une réflexion de pertinence sur les technologies de l’information, indispensable levier de modernisation de nos structures de santé.
    Dans notre société du zapping et de l’information instantanée, les décideurs ont plus que jamais besoin d’un espace propice à la réflexion et aux échanges d’expérience. C’est pourquoi nous avons mis en place le portail internet www.dsih.fr.

    Elsevier Masson

    Logo Elsevier Masson Elsevier Masson, the first French medical publisher, offers a large scale of journals, its three main titles in biology being OptionBio, Revue Francophone des Laboratoires and IBS (Immuno-analyse et biologie spécialisée). It also provides a medical encyclopaedia Biology and many books for biologists. This fund aims at helping biologists in all the aspects of their daily practice in 2012.
    Come and see us on our stand, B14!


    Logo EMBI EMBI is a professional magazine dedicated to private and hospital European medical biology. In each issue, the summary will get onto the professional, legal, fiscal and social environment, the accreditation, the Medical Biology Laboratory network, technical supports in France as well as in other European countries… with interviews, assignments and event reports.

    European Biotechnology News

    European Biotechnology News magazine is a unique source of information about biotechnology in Europe's science and industry sectors. Collaborating with more than 20 national and multinational organizations, our team of highly experienced journalists compiles all the relevant developments into highly readable news reports. European Biotechnology News covers all of the 27 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland. Focusing on the major biotech clusters and renowned European research institutions, as well as the members of national scientific and corporate associations and the biotechnology and Life Sciences industry sector, the highly promising news environment of this journal constitutes timely news from science and industry, background reports on new EU legislation, current debates and financing initiatives from Brussels, as well as market analyses and previews on upcoming technology trends.
    More breaking daily news you can find at www.eurobiotechnews.eu

    Feuillets de Biologie - Editions Orion

    Logo Feuillets de Biologie As a multidisciplinary review, Feuillets de Biologie informs readers about biological, clinical and technical news with the following contents:
  • Development articles written by specialists
  • Practical laboratory data sheets.
  • Information about technological breakthroughs.
  • Clinical and biological trials on topical matters.

    Les Feuillets de Biologie will orgarnize Les Journées de Biologie Praticienne from December 7th to December 8th 2012 in La Maison de la Chimie, Paris

  • Future Science Group

    Logo Future Science Future Science Group is a leading provider of products and services for the medical, scientific and business communities, we save customers time and money by presenting the most important scientific breakthroughs in an accessible and evaluated format, while at the same time providing the scientific community with unique vehicles for disseminating forward-thinking research information and data.



    Gazette du Laboratoire and Gazette du Laboratoire Maghreb

    Gazette du Laboratoire

    For your communication in the private and public labs, discover :

  • our journals, la Gazette du Laboratoire (France, Belgium, Switzerland) and la Gazette du Laboratoire Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia)
  • our websites www.gazettelabo.fr  and www.gazettelabo.ma 
  • our electronic suppliers’ guide, LHYBRIDE on www.gazettelabo.fr
  • our e-newsletters
  • our web product news

    GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift

    GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift provides comprehensive, up-to-date and application-related reporting on all topics relating to industrial and scientific laboratories. Topics covered by GIT include spectroscopy, chromatography, microscopy and software together with laboratory installations, technology and automation in all areas of application.

    GIT Laboratory Journal Europe

    The G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe reports on all important topics relevant to the European laboratory market.

    G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe informs the reader about latest developments in Research & Science and Technology & Instrumentation. Collaborating with excellent contacts within the community and selecting the most interesting news and reports from Industry and Academia, the editors ensure that the reader is well informed about the latest developments in analytics, technology, lab equipment, furniture and lab automation.


    Logo Hospinews Hospitalia’s digital little brother, Hospinews also approaches the main themes anchored in the heart of the medical word’s current affairs, especially the major interests and issues of its actors. Medical biology, currently undergoing many transformations, is thus a topic regularly discussed in the magazine.


    Logo Hospitalia Quarterly magazine dedicated to the medical system, Hospitalia exists in both paper and digital versions. This newsmagazine regularly puts the emphasis on medical biology, by looking into the issues and organizational changes medical biology laboratories have to face, so as to assist them throughout their adaptation process to these évolutions.

    Information Hospitalière - Lavoisier

    InformationHospitaliere.com is the first French site dedicated to health professionals.
    Already a leader in the publishing of online content aimed at health professionals, InformationHospitalière.com now becomes the first editorial site in its market segment with 470,000 unique visitors.
    Its content can be customised to your needs and includes in-depth perspectives to provide a complete view of the news. Its clear and diverse topics range from medical news through to daily press.
    Contact : Olivier Frégaville-Arcas, fregaville@lavoisier.fr



    Labmedica - Globetech Media

    logo Labmedica Serving over 32,000 subscribers worldwide, in separate English, Spanish, and Chinese language editions, LabMedica is the world's largest circulation and preeminent clinical laboratory magazine. The website LabMedica.com has grown into a premier source of online daily news around the world.


    Logo Laborwelt LABORWELT is the first thematically-oriented biotechnology magazine in German to focus on current developments in the life sciences. Highly topical articles by renowned authors from science and industry provide a bi-monthly inside view of the cutting edge of current research in selected areas of the life sciences.


    Medicine & Nutrition - EDP Santé

    Medicine & Nutrition is a newspaper multidisciplinary pivot. It gathers the communications of specialists of the nutrition, researchers in the field of the food-processing industry and of the specialists …

    Medicine / Science - EDP Santé

    Logo Medecine Sciences Medicine / science is the vector of the excellence of the research in the biological, medical sciences and in health. Intended for a very wide readership, it is the daily tool of the researcher and the doctor as well as the major guide of the student and the internal in medicine.

    Option Bio - Elsevier Masson

    logo option bio Written by medical biologists, OptionBio deals with issues of biology interests in order to bring medical biologists 100%-useful information. Efficient journal, it helps biologists remain informed on the profession and industry subjects without loosing time.

    Plateaux Techniques Actualités - EDP Santé

    Logo Plateaux Techniques Plateaux Techniques Actualités, the monthly magazine of the decision-makers of health

    Just like the hospital, Plateaux Techniques Actualités wants transverse. It handles subjects which interest all the actors of health, practitioners in the nursing by way of the directors of establishments, executives, the biomedical engineers, the pharmacists …  

    Pro4pro - GIT Verlag

    logo pro4pro PRO-4-PRO.com is a product search engine especially created by GIT VERLAG for the needs of the laboratory business and related industries.

    RFL - Elsevier Masson

    More than a liable and complete tool, essential for daily practise, the RFL journal (Revue Francophone des Laboratoires) is THE journal for medical biologists. Monthy, it proposes a fundamental thema or a medical biology application with sections illustrating a method or an analytical technics or even professional sections for a better activity management.

    Spectra Biologie - Spectra Analyse - PCI

    Logo Spectra PCI (Presse Communication International) edits Spectra Biologie, the reference magazine of clinical laboratory medical professionals, and the firms guide for clinical laboratory medical professionals.

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