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Interview published in the newsletter #4 - 06/07/11
Special Accreditation


Daniel Pierre
Daniel Pierre is the General Manager of the COFRAC (official recognised accreditation organism for ISO 15189 norm) .
Until november 2010, he was president of the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

from country to country "... in the framework of a mandatory regulatory accreditation, it may happen, and it often does, that the Administration intends to enjoy the opportunity to add extra requirements that go beyond the norm ..."

" ... accreditation is not a panacea : it is not all that ends all and it does not prevent human mistake at 100% , the same way that it does not prevent intentional fraud ..."

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Interview published in the Newsletter #5 - 10/06/11
Switzerland at honour on the 2011 JIB

  Swiss medical biology
Dr Hans H. Siegrist is the President of the Federation of the Swiss biologists (FAMH), and Dr Martin Risch is the President of the Swiss Union of Laboratory Medicine (SULM).
[...] "In France, as in Switzerland, there is a decentralised laboratory structure, which is being remodelled and sites concentrated" [...]

" in the current context of increasing costs, [...] it is more and more difficult to maintain laboratory services at the highest level whilst production conditions degrade". [...]

" our French colleagues know best how to defend their interests against the authorities and the insurers [...] The current discussion about the restructuring of the laboratory market decreed by the French state has been echoed in Switzerland and far beyond the linguistic borders in Europe".

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Interview published in the Newsletter #3 - 24/06/11
Special IT Health

Bruno Zolezzi
Bruno Zolezzi is commercial director at Histone Informatique, a IT service company specialized in Medical Analysis Laboratories management.
[…]"A successful computerization is to a large part due to a well thought and optimized parameter setting."[…]

[…] "One should not forget that the computer system is in the everyday life the federative element of a multi-site laboratory."[…]

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